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Simple, natural, respectful and gourmand

When I started writing about cuisine, I was very young, being only 18 years old. My teacher was my father Riccardo. He was one of the first Italian wine and food writers at the start of the ’70s.  I followed him in his journeys of discovery of lost food traditions and interviews to wine producers, chefs and restaurant patrons. I learned many things. Mainly about natural food, respect for season and the art of waiting for a product to be ready, like prosciutto and cheese. The second important encounter was Alfonso Iaccarino. I met him for an interview at the end of the ’80s.  I had dinner with him in his restaurant, Don Alfonso in Sant’Agata sui due Golfi,  on the Sorrento peninsula. I tasted one of the best recipes of my life, that I still remember. The recipe was a carousel of eggplants. In the same dish he served eggplant cooked in many different ways.  He told me: “… Davide, remember, anyone can cook foie gras and caviar but only a good chef can make a good dish out of a poor vegetable”. Even today it is more difficult to cook celery or zucchini than expensive food. The third important person I met in my professional life was a renowned chef, Enzo De Prà from Dolada Restaurant, near Belluno. He was teaching a cooking class. He entered the room with a dead pigeon in his hands, and started talking: “This bird gave his life for us. Do you want to kill him a second time”? He taught me respect for food: vegetables, game, meat, fish… I don’t like when somebody kills a second time any type of food. Throughout my life as a journalist I tried many restaurants, met many chefs, and tasted creative, traditional and innovative recipes: everybody passed on to me a piece of his/her knowledge, from food properties to the latest cooking techniques. Now, my philosophy is based on enhancing and respecting the original taste of food, using as few ingredients as possible. At Agriturismo Poggio del Gallo our aim is to offer our guests a large choice of high-quality, safe and healthy homemade food. The new challenge is starting…

Davide Di Corato
Davide Di Corato, agricuoco, foodwriter